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Fresno Woman Shares ‘Rape Club’ Secrets About FCL Dublin

Linda Chaney, a woman residing in the Fresno area who worked food service for FCL Dublin, has shared some haunting secrets regarding the ‘Rape Club’ at the prison.

“It was like hell. They’d be cooped up in the office with a girl or they’d be inside the refrigerator part and they wanted me to let them know when the other police come.” – Linda Chaney [ABC 30]

Additionally, Chaney stated that she herself endured incidents of sexual misconduct at the hands of a food services foreman.

“Like he’ll bump his penis up against me and I’ll be like ‘Whta is you doing?’ and he’ll be like ‘Oh, my bad.’ But he did it like three or four times so it’s not your bad. You’re doing it on purpose” – Linda Chaney [ABC 30]

Dozens of people have now filed complaints regarding the rampant sexual abuse at FCL Dublin. So, we here at Wagner along with attorney Laura Elizabeth Brown filed government claims on behalf of Chaney and another inmate at the prison.

“The rape culture was just rampant in this prison.” – Butch Wagner [ABC 30]

“They ddn’t feel that it was safe for them to accurately say what they knew had happened because they feared reprisals and retaliation.” – Attorney Laura Elizabeth Brown [ABC 30]

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  • The prohibition against unreasonable searches or seizures (Fourth Amendment)
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Common types of inmate abuse or neglect caused by prison staff or guards:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Physical Coercions
  • Extortion / Blackmail
  • Medical Neglect
  • Withholding of food or basic needs
  • Violation of basic human rights
  • Excessive use of force
  • Overruse of restraints

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  • $72.4 millionRidgeway v. Walmart
  • $10 millionConfidential Class Action Settlement