Recent News on Dublin Prison Sexual Assault Cases

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Prison Chaplain Used Faith To Abuse Inmates In California

In February, an FCI Dublin prison chaplain, James Theodore Highhouse, pleaded guilty to abusing his power by forcing inmates seeking his guidance to have sex with him.

Highouse pressured one inmate to have sex with him on Thanksgiving by telling her she needed to “show her gratitude for him” (ABC 10). He also pleaded guilty to, as a veteran, pressuring another inmate to have sex with him on Veterans Day by telling her that by doing so, she could “serve her county” (ABC 10).

On February 23, Highouse pleaded guilty to:

  • Two counts of abusive sexual contact
  • One count of making false statements to a federal judge
  • Two counts of sexual abuse of a ward

The trial of Chaplain James Theodore Highouse was the first of five to reach sentencing of the FCI Dublin officers accused of abusive sexual conduct over the past fourteen months.


We obtain full and just compensation for our clients. All Inmates in the United States have constitutional rights:

  • Protection from cruel and unusual punishments (Eighth Amendment)
  • The prohibition against unreasonable searches or seizures (Fourth Amendment)
  • Equal protection (Fourteenth Amendment)

Common types of inmate abuse or neglect caused by prison staff or guards:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Physical Coercions
  • Extortion / Blackmail
  • Medical Neglect
  • Withholding of food or basic needs
  • Violation of basic human rights
  • Excessive use of force
  • Overruse of restraints

Case Results

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  • $4.25 millionJones v. 7 Up
  • $4.2 millionNazeri v. Placer Title
  • $3.4 millionGalanti v. Cambridge Investments
  • $72.4 millionRidgeway v. Walmart
  • $10 millionConfidential Class Action Settlement